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Must Avoid Gift Giving Mistakes – Multiply Design

Watching someone open a gift you’ve bought them can be a nerve-wracking moment, and that moment can quickly turn sour if the recipient doesn’t like their gift. If you’re looking to learn about what gift giving mistakes can easily be avoided, this guide will point you in the right direction!


Being Too Impersonal

People want to know that you’ve thought about them specifically when picking a gift. Especially at times like Christmas or other events when you’re likely to be buying presents for lots of different people, it can be easy to simply bulk buy toiletry sets or packs of socks for example. Although these may be cheaper and more convenient for you, it’s usually not worth the embarrassment when your recipient opens a gift that you clearly haven’t put any thought into. It’s often so much better to get a gift that’s personal to your recipient; if you’re looking to take it one step further, a personalised gift is a perfect way of truly showing you care (and also shows haven’t got anyone else the same gift!).


Buying To Your Taste

This links to our previous point of being too impersonal; although the phrase ‘treat people how you want to be treated’ can apply for lots of different aspects of life, gift giving isn’t necessarily one of them. In this case, the phrase ‘treat people how they want to be treated’ is probably more fitting.

Gifting people things that you personally like with no regard to what the recipient likes, especially if those things are ultra-specific, can be interpreted as narcissistic or self-centred. Instead, if you don’t know the recipient well, take time out to really learn about their likes and dislikes; do they have any hobbies or interests? Could you potentially get them something related to these? Again this is a wonderful way of showing you care.


Thinking You Need To Spend A Lot

Although there’s no denying that a lot of money can buy some amazing presents, it’s very rarely necessary to spend a lot of money to buy a gift that your recipient will love. In fact, you’ll often find that they’ll prefer a personalised, more thoughtful gift that you didn’t spend a lot of money on over a gift that is impersonal and generic that cost more.


Panic Buying

We’ve all been there; it’s coming close to a big event that you need a gift for and time is of the essence. To panic buy or wait it out and hopefully get something the recipient will appreciate? In our opinion, it’s usually always best to wait – the first step is to not panic although we know that’s much easier said than done! Panicking will only make things worse, leading to an unhappy recipient and an incredibly stressed you! Even though it feels like you’re running out of time, actually taking the extra time to breathe and focus on the person you’re buying for can actually make everything a lot easier. As mentioned in an earlier point, truly think about the recipient as a person including what they like and dislike, before using this information to buy that perfect gift.


Ruining The Surprise

Sometimes when you know you’ve found the perfect gift that you know your recipient will love, it’s difficult to not ruin the surprise and tell them, especially when you know how excited they’ll be. It’s important though to remember that the surprise will be so much better if it is actually that: a surprise!


Gift giving doesn’t have to be stressful, by avoiding the mistakes we’ve talked about in this post, you can be confident that your recipient will be happy with their gift. With that being said however, if you do need help with finding the perfect personalised gift, you know where we are!