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A Menswear Guide To Accessories

Well-chosen accessories can elevate almost any outfit, taking it from good to great. The right pair of sunglasses can complete a summer look, cufflinks, especially personalised cufflinks, can upgrade a suit and there is a wristwatch for any occasion. In this menswear accessories guide, we will take you through the key accessories you need to be paying attention to and how to get the most of them.


Watches are a staple of most people’s wardrobe. Whilst our mobile phones may have replaced this classic accessory as our primary clock, the style benefits alone warrant owning a watch or two. If you want to take an active approach to accessorising, you can opt to own several watches which you can rotate through depending on the look you’re going for. If, however, you want to elevate your look without investing as much time (or money), owning just one more versatile watch can go a long way. Minimalist watches, often sporting a simplistic look and neutral colours are hugely popular and work whether you are dressed casually or are dressing up. Although if you can justify two watches, owning an everyday casual watch and a more formal timepiece is ideal. 


Eyewear can complete a look better than almost anything else. Like a watch, eyewear is both practical and stylish providing a functional benefit beyond upgrading your outfit. If you wear glasses, you understand the amazing feeling of getting a new pair which looks amazing. If you don’t wear glasses, however, you can still enjoy the perks of great eyewear with sunglasses. Just like prescription glasses, sunglasses are also practical and stylish in equal measure making them perfect for any summer look.


Many people will overlook a wallet as an accessory. Given that it is rarely on display it can be easy to dismiss. Contrary to popular belief, however, a wallet has a bigger impact on your style than you may realise. Firstly, even when in your pocket a wallet impacts your look. A bulky wallet and formal wear, for example, is usually a bad combination. Nobody wants their dapper dressed up look to be ruined by a bulging pocket in their suit pants. In this scenario, you would opt for a slim wallet instead. For when the wallet is on display you have plenty of options in terms of materials and colours. Leather or fake leather is generally going to be the material of choice whilst black, brown and oxblood all work for colour. Ultimately it comes down to what you like and whether you want to match your leathers or not.

Accessorising A Suit

You rarely get a chance to combine as many great accessories as when wearing a suit. The list of suit accessories is extensive; ties and tie bars, cufflinks, pocket squares, lapel pins and, of course, a watch. They’re all available to you and they can make even the greatest suits look even better. Black and silver is a fantastic classic look, though don’t be afraid to experiment with more colourful options. If you’re new to accessorising a suit avoid the common mistake of matching patterns. Your tie and pocket square’s pattern should not match. Colours, however, most can match.


Whether you’re upgrading understated jeans and t-shirt combination with a fantastic watch or are elevating your formal wear with a plethora of accoutrements we can all agree accessories are fundamental to good men's fashion. Now you know what men's accessories can do for your wardrobe pick up a watch or two, some great shades and a new tie and show off your new-found sense of style. Or perhaps this guide has inspired some amazing gift ideas for the men in your life whose wardrobe could benefit from a few stylish touches – in which case we recommend engraved cufflinks, a fashionable yet personal gift which they're sure to love.