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Your 2020 Personalised Gift Guide

When it comes to gift-giving, some people are great. Some people are renowned amazing gift-givers – the person everyone wants to draw their name in Secret Santa. Even the greatest gift-givers, however, stand to make their gifts more heart-felt through personalisation. Personalised gifts can make any gifting experience better and can make buying for even the most notoriously difficult recipients a cinch. Below we have put together a selection of gift categories to focus on; each offering something for a wide range of people partnered with brilliant personalisation options. Using this guide, you will be able to find the perfect present for anyone including people who are typically difficult to buy for. 


Keyrings, Because Everyone Has Keys

We all have keys which make personalised engraved keyrings a possible gift idea no matter who you are buying for. Initial keyrings are a great option or alternatively you could buy a personalised calendar keyring for a unique and fun way of commemorating important dates. Keyrings can be used to commemorate all kinds of life events. A new house keyring is an amazing gift which can be fittingly attached to the new house keys. If you want to celebrate a friendship, you can find two-piece friendship keyrings too. Personalised keyrings are an easy go-to for celebrating any anything from a birthday to a housewarming.


Jewellery And Accessories Include Something For Everyone

Much like keyrings, jewellery and accessories are a fantastic gift idea because they work for almost anyone. Not everyone will like the same piece of jewellery but within the category of jewellery, you can find something for most people you have to buy gifts for. Whether a necklace, bracelet or cufflinks you will almost certainly be able to match up a gift to the person you are buying for. Where you turn it into an amazing gift, however, is through personalisation. Add a name or a special date to turn a necklace from a good gift into an amazing gift. Do you want the cufflinks you buy to become the recipients go-to choice? Personalise them by engraving their initials. Personalised cufflinks stand out and make an impression, much like personalised necklaces and bracelets.


Personalised Token Sets Can Commemorate Any Life Event

Token sets are one of the most incredible ways to celebrate life events. Do you know someone taking a gap year to travel the world? A travel-themed token set would make a wonderful gift. Perhaps your friends have a baby on the way. A token set would make a fantastic way to share in their joy. Token sets offer a collection of tokens around a theme. Simply find a relevant theme and you are halfway towards a memorable gift that will be cherished for years. You can complete the gift by adding a touch of personalisation, again, adding engraved initials, names or dates. These gifts stay with people for years. For instance, they work wonderfully as a child’s christening gift that they can keep into old age. 


If you feel you are a good gift giver then don’t feel confined to the categories above. These are some helpful guidelines to help you find a great gift but if you already have impeccable gift choosing intuition, do what works for you. However, even the best gift-givers can take it a step further by adding personalisation. Make your gift special and more meaningful with personalised touches that says more than an off the shelf gift could.


If you’re gifting to someone that is difficult to buy for try using one of the categories above. Each one is filled with good gifts, with something for everyone. Once you have matched up a gift to the recipient add a touch of personalisation, such as engraving a date or adding their initials, to transform it into an outstanding gift.